Wednesday, January 28, 2015

kt dredge design etsy shop

over a year and half ago i started an etsy shop. i wanted a place to sell my simply, fresh, design note cards, so i opened an etsy shop which was called sweetberry shop. i learned lots over the past year and half, and i am ready to change it up.

welcome to my new etsy shop...

i have chosen to rename my shop to kt dredge design. just to keep everything simple. i have many new prints and digital goods to add to my shop. wall prints, invitations and announcements, business cards, and journaling cards are a few items that will be showing up to my shop soon and will be customizable. also, i am making more of my paper goods digital downloads, which mean you get them instantly and print them yourself.

check back friday to see a few of my fun, new items that i will be selling in my etsy shop, kt dredge design!

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