Monday, October 20, 2014

fall photo overlays

if you are like me you tend to take lots of pictures in the fall. i like the fall colors and where i live it is very pretty in the fall, especially this year. it is still nice and green. 

i have beautiful trees in my yard, and every year i tend to get the same pictures. so this year i decided to add creative touch to my pictures. i created fall overlays for my pictures.

i am excited to print the pictures and use as artwork in my home during the fall season. also, print and add them to my project life. a quick and simple way to bring fall elements to your home and memory keeping.

if you would like to add a creative touch to your fall photos this year, i would love to share my fall overlays with you.
sorry to those who don't own photoshop or photoshop elements. i am not sure how to make it work for you, but to those who do, here's how:
• download overlay files
• open which overlay(s) you want to use & photo file in your photo editing program
• drag overlay onto photo file
• position overlay where you want on photo
• resize overlay edit > transform ("command t" for mac users) overlay to the size you want while holding shift to contain the proportion
• adjust the color in layer > layer style > color overlay
* i only own & use photoshop. photoshop elements may be similar, but not exact.

happy fall & happy creating!

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