Wednesday, October 22, 2014

design work: mother's niche printables

incase you have missed it check out the mother's niche blog where i share fun printables for kids.

kristina, the writer behind mother's niche shares so many great ideas for moms. one idea i love of hers is having a mommy book full of busy bag ideas for your young children. since i have a very busy, little girl, i have started my own busy bag activities.

the printables i share on the mother's niche are different activities i have created for my daughter. i love to design different activities for her and see her get excited over something i made. my daughter and i have enjoyed the time spent doing these activities together. if you want to start a busy bag for your kids these are the perfect activities, and easy to create.

this flashcard activity is great for those who are learning colors, how to read and spell color's names.

a fun scavenger hunt to look for fall elements and colors in nature.

a great activity to learn numbers and sizes. my daughter loves to play with this one again and again.

mix-n-match patterns to create many bright colored pinwheels.

click on the links below pictures to go to the mother's niche blog and download the printables.

you can check out more ideas and activities for your little ones on my kids activities pinterest board.

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