Friday, August 15, 2014

back to school post-it printable

it is hard to believe the days are getting shorter and the kids are going back to school. wasn't yesterday the first day of summer?

ready or not it is here, and maybe for some of you the first day has come and gone. there is always excitement, nervousness, and back to routine that comes with back to school.

i have created a back to school, post-it, printable to use as a note of encouragement and reminders for your kids to help ease the feelings of back to school.

did you happen to purchase some bright, colored, 3x3 post-its while shopping for school supplies? i hope you did! if not, i am sure you can still find post-its, even on sale.

download and print out the template. then, stick the post-its over the 3x3 squares. put the paper back in your printer and print the printable. 

i am sure your kids will love to find a surprise, bright note from their mom, at school, to brighten their day. add a treat or goodie to even make it better. be creative. 

good luck to all kids and moms on the first day!


  1. This is super cute and such a good idea!!!

  2. This is very cute:) Please make other letters!

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